Dreambox Control Center

Dreambox Control Center 2.95

Configures Dreambox network
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FTP client for installing or managing your media files. Download or upload video files, image files or any other thing to your box. It has drag and drop functions.

How to start:
Start with a click on « Network »
- Select your language
- Select your connection type
- The IP address from the PC tracks down automatically. The IP address from the Dreambox can be put in manually or there can be searched for automatically.
- Select the equipment of your Dreambox: Hard disk, CF or USB-Stick
- Select your login and password
- The name of an active DreamFlash-Image will be showed automatically.
Click on « Scripts »
Standard scripts are needed internally by the system. Delete and create is for this reason not possible. Changes can be done easily by editing the scripts. The changes will be saved permanently.

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